Learning as I go..................

So much to learn!  What began at a young age with stamps, coins, and even soap..has continued through to adulthood.  Collecting.  The only difference is, my collections are much more varied.

I collect jewelry, vintage hats, china, blue glass, anything to do with the Royal Family, and the list goes on....and on...and on.

If I had to categorize all my collections under one umbrella term, I guess it would be, Vintage Collectibles.  With that comes a growing knowledge of...well...many things,

I've learned that signed vintage costume jewelry is far more fascinating than sterling or gold.  I've learned that there are many terms for hats...pillbox, breton, caloche, and fedora.  I've learned that Limoges and Crown Straffordshire are markings to look for on fine china.  And, most recently, that Coogi Sweaters are back in style!

I don't proclaim to be an expert on any one thing, vintage, but I have enough knowledge to know what I love, and what I'm looking for.  And now owning my own online shop....well....that just gives me the incentive to keep buying.  

Ut-oh....I love the hunt as much as the sale.  I think this may all come back to haunt me one day.  But for now, I have 3 grandchildren to encourage towards the lost art of collecting.  

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