A New Look

Wow!  It has been quite some time since I last posted.  There has been a whirlwind of change to the store...I guess it is very much like raising a child.  With every moment that passes, the experiences, trials and tribulations you go through, helps form a parenting style that is enriched by failure or success.  SteampunkeryCo is my baby.  It has been through the trials of beads, handmade or repurposing objects. that I have finally narrowed my whims to the focus of vintage.  I found my love of everything vintage when I entered the world of steampunk.  I began with vintage jewelry, moved to china dishes and wares, and finally to vintage clothing and accessories.  I've tossed around the thought of changing the name of my shop...but steampunk is what brought me here...I think I will keep, SteampunkeryCo..after all, that was the name of my baby.

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