As Another Year Draws to a Close....Lessons Learned intial goal in starting my business was to make Steampunk Accessories, and to sell at least one item a month.  It would just be enough to allow me to keep doing my crafting...with purpose.  Well!  To my surpise, I am up to 50 sales....from Canada to USA, to Australia, and Latvia!  Imagine!  

   I did make one error this last 1/2 year...I became hooked on beads, and meditation beads more precisley.  Did not go over too well, as i spent all my profits at the bead store.  Boy, do they have a knack of drawing one in!  So, after carefully studying my shop, my receipts, and Etsy Rank, I have held a 40% off clearance sale on my beadery section.  Still have a lot of inventory.  But am very excited to get back to the root of my store....Steampunk and upcycling.  i am clearing beads away and making room for Vintage.  Now, I can do and combine both of my loves...which was my initial intention.  At least i was able to pull the reigns back in time!!  Hope you will come visit while the sale is on...and into the New Year as i bring new presence.

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