The Future of the Past Becomes A Design Aesthetic

 Steampunk has become a lot more than cosplay and fashion statements. With all the cool contraptions in the literary world of steamships, and time travel, it was only natural that some the gadgetry enter into the homes of the Steampunkers.    People have “steampunk’d” everything from computers, desks, telephones, watches and guitars to cars, motorcycles, rooms, and whole houses." These objects can vary from a grungy look of a forgotten antique to the shiny overwrought newness of a Victorian gentleman’s club. Think brass and copper, glass and polished wood, engraving and etching, and details for the sake of details."    Someone once said, Steampunk is Goth gone brown.   So, steampunk  has become a design aesthetic.  Thanks to the tv production of, Steampunk'd, designing one's living space with Steampunk decorum was re-awakened by the new age of repurposing, and reimagining ...and then welcome the industrial look.. voila, you have steampunked your decor.  Past meets future or the future of the past....something for everyone to love in designing your home.

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